Irrigation System Installations

When it comes to high quality irrigation installations, you can rely on us at Murray’s Lawncare in Columbia, SC. Our irrigation installation company installs lawn sprinkler systems that consist of the best irrigation products provided by the leading manufacturers. This allows for years of maintenance-free, repair-free service.

Our experts in irrigation installations professionally install lawn irrigation systems for both residential and commercial property owners. We take your landscape and property requirements into account. We also recommend how to best optimize your irrigation system for the most effective, efficient watering solution.

The Main Benefits of Installing an Irrigation System:

  • Save Time : Automated watering of the garden, lawns and flowers. Timer used best adapts to the climate you live in and your garden.
  • Save Money : Money or water isn’t wasted with an automatic lawn irrigation system. The system is programmed and timed. The system uses rain sensors to ensure no water is wasted.
  • Save Water : An automated irrigation system distributes the right amount of water deep into the plant root system. Where plants need it most, saving you water and time watering.
  • Increase Home’s Value : A beautiful garden landscape is the gateway to getting a higher property price.


Our Columbia, SC sprinkler systems are fully automatic and equipped with a remote control to provide a user-friendly lawn sprinkler system. Not only will an automatic irrigation system make your life much easier, but it will also increase the value of your property.

Our team of lawn sprinkler system designers will carefully analyze your landscape’s design as well as relevant plants to make sure that sprinklers are installed optimally and in all the right places.

Once your irrigation system has been installed, all you will have to do is press a button to begin distributing the perfect about of water across your landscape.

Interested in a new lawn irrigation system? Contact us by form or phone at (803) 361-7543 for more info about our irrigation installation services and get a free estimate!

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